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About Us

Signal Booster is a tech-driven company started with the sole aim of witnessing the world without any signal issues. Founded in the year 2014, we have dreamt of a world where every mobile user gets the best experience worthy of their money. With a team of young and dynamic people, we are the complete manufacturer and supplier of the most efficient Mobile Signal Booster in Bangalore.

We are the one-stop solution for any kind of cellular signal issue with the selective range of the best mobile signal boosters. Our phone signal boosters are specially designed to suit different requirements with the most advanced technology.

Our vision

Signal Booster was started to serve both residential and commercial purposes. But, we have taken it a step further with a wide range of services and the most experienced technicians in the field. Now, we are at our full potential with a dedicated support team and technicians. So, we are just a phone call away from our clients who are vexed with frequent signal issues. All you have to do is contact our team or approach us in any of our branches in Bangalore and that’s it.

Wide range of products

At signal boosters, we have the complete solution for any kinds of signal issues. Besides 3G and 4G mobile signal boosters, we also have 4G signal boosters for the users of older phones with weak reception power.

So, apart from amplifying the weak signals which exist due to distance and physical obstructions, our devices can favor you weak receptors as well.

Not only this, you can find all single, double and triple cellular network boosters in our showcase. Thus, we can surely say that we are the only stop to enhance the mobile experience from all aspects.

Best-in-class service

With the best-in-class mobile signal boosters, our team of highly qualified technicians also provides complete set-up and installation services. Besides, we can also help you in selecting the most suitable mobile phone network boosters after conducting a complete analysis of your surroundings.

We finalize a device after considering each and every aspect that may result in weak signal receptions. Therefore, you can just sit back and watch your mobile working to its full potential without any signal issues in your office or your living space.

Signal Boosters in Bangalore welcomes you with the most compelling range of services that you have ever wanted. Our 24/7 available support team is always looking forward for you.