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Mobile Signal Booster in Bangalore

Mobile Signal Boosters are available in different sizes and specifications. These devices are easy to install and operate. Our smartly designed phone boosters are compatible to work with all the networks including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE and CDMA for Airtel. Vodafone, Idea, Jio, Mtnl and Bsnl.

Commercial Mobile Signal Booster is also available which are suitable for commercial buildings, offices, Shopping Malls and many more. So basically a mobile signal booster is a device which effectively improves the mobile network connectivity in a particular area.

Signal Booster Bangalore is a one-stop solution for all your mobile signal issues. We have a team of highly qualified experts who install a booster at your location and we are available round the clock and just a phone call away.


Products Details. Description
Frequency Range 890-915/1920-1980 MHz
Output Power 15±1dBm
Gain 65±2
Bandwidth Wide Band
RF Connector N-Female N
Dimensions (D x W xH ) 250*220*53mm

Why Choose US

We have a team of expert professionals and over the years of our existence have installed and operated mobile signal booster’s for both commercial and personal use. We have a support team which works round the clock and ensures that all the problems are rectified and solved within 24 hours.

try band Booster Tri Band Signal Booster

Mobile Signal boosters or Repeaters are available in many sizes and specifications, each serving a different purpose. that is 2G 3G 4G, 5G, Tri Band Signal booster.

dual band booster Dual Band Cell Phone Booster

Dual Band cell phone Booster is available in cheapest rate, this is the best option for both 3G, 4G and 5G Cell phones.

3G mobile Booster 3G Mobile Signal Booster

Single band (900 and 2100MHZ) Mini repeater 3G is available at a very low rate. And it can only be used in best rate for mobile phones.

4G Mobile booster 4G Cell Phone Booster

4G Cell Phone booster is a best attribute for old keypad cell phones because old keypad cell phones only require 4G networks. Small phones cannot access 2G, 4G, 5G networks, so 2G, 3G,4G is the best option for small keypad phones only.

Why You Need a Signal Booster?

Whether you use a Vodafone, Airtel, Idea or any other Service Provider, there are many advantages of using Mobile Signal Booster

1.Better Mobile connectivity: Poor Signal connectivity can result in dropped calls. This can be a nightmare especially within offices or if you work from home and rely on mobile signal for most of your daily work. Many building materials such as concrete basements and vaulted ceilings can interfere with cellular networks. Mobile Signal boosters can prevent these obstacles by amplifying the stronger signal for your home.

2.Increased Battery Life: When a phone is constantly searching for a better mobile signal, it can rapidly decrease the battery life. Having a strong signal at your office or home will use less power for making phone calls or any other operation.

3.Uninterrupted Browsing: In today's modern world, we rely on mobile data more than ever. Whether checking the News, E-mails, Facebook or WhatsApp, we use our phone for multiple purposes on a daily basis. Consequently, having a weak mobile signal can reduce our productivity.

Reasons for Weak Mobile Signal

There can be many reasons for weak mobile signal in your area, it can be due to building materials such as the concrete basement and vaulted ceilings, weather, location can be outside the BTS ( Base Transmission System) coverage station and many more.

The Ultimate Solution of Weak Mobile Network

Installing Mobile Signal Booster in your area will improve the cellular connectivity. Basically, it consists of two antenna’s, the external antenna is placed mostly on the topmost portion of the building, which fetches signal to another antenna which is placed inside the building and consist of repeaters. These repeaters reproduce the signal of stronger bandwidth, which solves all your mobile network connectivity issues.

how to work booster

How to install mobile signal booster?

Mobile signal Boosters can improve the network connectivity at your office or home. Installing a mobile signal Booster is easy and consists of 3 major steps. Each of these steps is easily explained in the user manual.

Outdoor Antenna Installation

The main function of the booster is to improve the mobile signal connectivity (Radio Frequency, RF) signal in a particular area. The booster which is placed indoors receives the signal from an antenna which is placed outside the building.

1. Outdoor Antenna Installation Process

There are two ways to set up an outdoor antenna: Hinged at the wall or Hanging at the pole

Note: To avoid water or other types of damage, wrap waterproof tape around the connector between outdoor antennas.
2. mobile Signal booster Installation Process

Step 1: Select a location near the power source.

Step 2: Connect the booster to the power supply and hinge at the wall.

Step 3: Using Connector and wires, connect the indoor placed booster to the outdoor antenna.

Step 4: Connect the indoor antenna cables to the mobile marked as "indoor" with the booster through the connector.

3. Indoor Antenna Installation Process

According to your requirement, where you need a mobile network, install the indoor antenna.

Step 1: Place the indoor antenna, as per your need i.e. the indoor area where you need to improve the mobile connectivity.

Step 2: Hinge the indoor antenna, on the wall.

outdoor antenna


The outdoor antenna should be installed at the height of the building as high as possible in the upper part of the building. You should make sure you are able to call where you are setting up an outdoor antenna. And there should be network strength is – 52DBM to – 65DBM.

plugin booster


LMR-300 cable will come from outdoor antenna to indoor which will be connected by connector from main device.

outdoor connectivity


After connecting the outdoor antenna with the main device, if you start seeing full signal bars in the display of the voice, then you should connect directly to the Indore Antenna with a mobile signal booster. mobile signal booster.

complete solution


After compleat mobile signal booster installation you should double check that all the cable connectors are well connected. After that you should turn on power.

4g booster

Search Signal Direction
outdoor antenna

Install Outdoor Antenna
connect cable

Connect Cables
connect with cable

Cable With Connecter

plugin to booster

Connect With Booster
outdoor connectivity

Connect With Indoor
booster installetion

Plugin in Adapter
complete solution

Signal Comming!

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